A Well Suited Evening by Billy Reid

The folks over at the Billy Reid store on Bond Street hosted a well-suited event that featured a room full of well-dressed men, women, whisky, & fine fabrics. The atmosphere was a bit surreal. It was as if you were amongst the cast of The Great Gatsby film, mixed in with a few hipsters. A cool vibe, it was a true gentlemen’s evening. What’s a true gentlemen’s evening without a little beard grooming, shoe shining, & whisky? That, I couldn’t tell you.

Maker’s Mark kept everyone’s glass full the entire night with Manhattan’s, Maker’s on the rocks, or they had you trying their “46” line of whisky. There wasn’t any room for the faint-hearted drinkers of the world. If there were any in attendance, a cherry was added to their drink. Maker’s Mark also had their hands on the hors d’oeuveres’ with a Maker’s cured salmon. It was quite splendid.

Truman’s Gentlemen’s Groomers made their presence felt in the downstairs area of the Billy Reid store. They were there with one of their barber’s, a barber’s chair, razors, hair products & ointments. The men eagerly waited their turns in line to get a shave all while sipping on Maker’s, checking out the Billy Reid garments, or getting their shoes shined. Gentlemen in their element, it was a site to see!

There was a certain type of boldness to everyone who was in attendance. It was as if they knew something that no one else knew. They were a part of a subculture that only the finest had keys to. For that night and that night only, they had the keys to 54 Bond Street.

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