Mr. Jackson: Sometimes (Video)

It all started as a hum in a makeshift studio in his Harlem apartment. I remember just asking him to repeat the hum. Then words were added, a beat was curated, & a song was made. This song, happens to be one of my favorites from Mr. Jackson & the Gourmet Family simply because I was a part of it. It all didn't happen in one night. When I heard the finished product, I was thoroughly impressed, excited, & satisfied.

"Sometimes, life's a nightmare, sometimes, I don't even care ' n ' sometimes, I watch the people stare, but my mind, it ain't even there".

If you knew Alex aka Mr. Jackson, you would know that this song makes perfect sense. He is a perfectionist who fusses over the details, feels, & emotions of things. He often sits in dark rooms, attends movies, restaurants,& bars alone. At the same time very family oriented. A strange dynamic, but that is him.

Creating the visuals for the song, he summoned all his boys to take part in the short film. It's hard to call it a music video, because it is so much more than that. Even I have a little cameo. This may just be the video that lands me an acting gig (just kidding)or not.

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